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“This will stay in my heart forever. This win was something really special. I have a lot of respect for Roger. It was such a week for me, I played so well and I’m so happy. It’s just incredible to be back on form like this.”

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Sam Querrey 4-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3, 14-12 in their second round match at Wimbledon.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Q.  Did you expect it to be that hard?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yes.  To be honest, yes.

I mean, he’s a good player.  He served well.  He did a great match.  I knew before the match it’s going to be tough, and it was.

But it’s always good to win like this.  It’s good for my confidence, and it’s good for my game I think to stay on the court, play points, live some difficult moment.  It’s important for me.

Q.  You’re a two-time semi-finalist here.  How far do you consider yourself away from your best form at the moment?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  To be honest, I’m playing well.  I’m playing good tennis.  I had two good opponent, and it was not easy.

But today, you know, I’m feeling good.  Against Sam, it was a really good match for me, so I hope I will continue in this way.  If I continue to play like this, I can go far.

Q.  How are you feeling physically?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  I mean, of course it’s not like I played only three sets.  But, you know, I’m feeling okay.  I’m ready for that, ready to fight.  I hope tomorrow, it’s going to be a good day for me again.

Q.  You play Jimmy Wang in the next round.  Do you know much about him?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  I know him since we are kid.  Then I never played him again.  He was a really talented player.  I’m sure he’s still the same.

So I have to be careful.  I have to take this match seriously, be focused on me also, and try to play my best tennis.  I’m sure if he’s here, it’s because it’s a good player.

Q.  Do you remember what age you were?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  We were 13, 14.

Q.  John McEnroe said he’s thinking of tennis without referees.  Can you imagine that?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  Maybe for press it’s good because, like football, you have many thing to say and you can always discuss about everything.

But I think we need referee anyway.

Q.  You can’t imagine that?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  Not for me.  I mean, I like sport like it is.

It’s a good idea anyway, but I’m not for it.

Q.  How was the crowd today?  At one point you let out frustration and somebody screamed back at you.  Did you feel antagonized or was it a supportive crowd?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  It was supportive because the umpire did a mistake.  But everybody heard the ball was let.  Only him, you know, didn’t heard that.

But that’s okay.  I won.

Q.  Your fifth-set record is impressive.  Is there something about the mentality of a fifth set that suits your mindset?

JO-WILFRIED TSONGA:  It’s not about my personality.  I would like to be able to win in three sets all the time.

But, you know, I like the fight.  Since I’m kid, I’m fighting.  Everything was not easy for me when I was kid.  I always, you know, keep this fighting spirit.  Today I’m really happy the way I did because I’m here and I’m still winning in five sets.  It means that I’m physically strong, mentally focused on what I’m doing, and it’s good.


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